Job Levels

All freelancers, like any employee in any company, earn their status and trust from the customer by means of professional and quality work.

Like many other companies, we also have a career ladder, to expand the range of your services on the price range and increase earnings. That will help you to develop professionally, achieve a great rating and trust from your customers.

Initially, all freelancers start at the first level on our site. At the first level, participants can add 10 gigs within 24 hours. All services on the first level start from $15.

To move to the second level, the freelancer must complete 10 jobs and get a 70% rating. The cost of work on the second level starts from $50

To move to the third level, you need to complete 20 jobs and earn a rating of 80%. The cost of works on the third level starts from $100

With a rating of 110%, you will move to the 4th level. Where the cost of work starts from $500.

Develop your professional skills and strive for the best. We help you achieve your goals and earn money.