Affiliate program

Get additional reward by inviting new users to the site. Involve referrals by posting affiliate links and posts in social networks.


Is very simple to become a member of affiliate program. Publish your referral link in social networks, on the website or in a blog, share with friends.


Reward payment of 1$ will be earned for each purchase of paid services by a referral. You can check the statistics for your referrals and commissions that is available after authorization on the account page of the affiliate program.


Affiliate Program Policies


Any registered user of the website, both a freelancer and an employer, can take part in the affiliate program.


Each registered user receives a partner ID that is displayed on the page



To invite users, you must use the link generated with this partner identifier added at the end of this link.



Each new user, registered with your ID link, becomes your referral. After site administration approval, $ 1 dollar will be transfered to your account. Statistics on your balance can be found at


The affiliate program is effective from the time you invite the referral to the site.


The member of the affiliate program must not share the affiliate link in a hidden way such as: invisible or poorly visible frame, automatic redirect without referencing, CAP, etc., and also not use any other methods that can provoke sanctions to the site from the search engines. In the event of a clear violation of the affiliate program terms, the user's bonus account may be blocked.


The administration of the site has the right to make changes in the policies of the affiliate program by publishing changes on the page